Online meeting🇦🇺

The Horizon students, Titan students, and students from Ogikubo ATLAS were lucky enough to take part in a special online session with a young Australian gentleman with a unique hobby. 

We met Aaron from Brisbane, Australia to learn all about his interesting hobby of renovating his own house. We learned that as well as his full time job as a bridge engineer for a major railway, Aaron spends his time renovating his home. He took us on a tour of his house, introduced some of his tools, and demonstrated plastering a wall. 

The students listened attentively and asked questions such as, “How big is your house?”, “What season is it in Australia?”, “What time is it in Australia?” “Where do you go camping?”.

After talking with Aaron, the students confidently answered my questions about Aaron’s talk. A few of the students also commented, “I want to go to Australia!”

It was a great experience.