A Day of Fun and Learning at Shinagawa Seaside Park June 5th

Our students had an exciting field trip to Shinagawa Seaside Park. It was a beautiful day, perfect for outdoor activities, and the children were eager to explore and learn in a new environment.

We started our journey by boarding the school bus, which was buzzing with excitement. Upon arriving at the park, we settled down at the park benches to enjoy our lunch. The students shared their delicious meals and chatted happily, soaking in the natural surroundings.

After lunch, the children had some free time to play around in the park. They ran, played games, and enjoyed the fresh air until everyone was ready for the next adventure. The highlight of our trip was crab fishing, a unique activity that everyone was looking forward to.

We walked to the end of the beach, near some rocks, where crabs are known to hide. Prior to the trip, we had made simple fishing poles out of chopsticks, string, and binder clips. We attached dry squid to the clips as bait and carefully placed them between the rocks to attract the crabs.

The children were thrilled when they managed to pull a few crabs onto the rocks. We took a moment to observe these fascinating creatures up close before releasing them back into their habitat. We fed the crabs with the bait and watched them scuttle away, an experience that was both educational and fun.

The field trip was a wonderful success, providing the children with a memorable hands-on learning experience. They not only enjoyed the activities but also learned about marine life and the importance of respecting nature. We look forward to more such enriching adventures in the future!