Atlas Major Subject – Reading

Reading can be a difficult subject to become interested in. Sometimes the materials assigned are hard and do not interest the students. It can be taxing on a student to have to read assigned mterials if they are not enjoyable. That is why with Atlas we have given the choice to the student about what materials we will read as a class.

The first reading that was chosen was Warriors: Into the Wild . A tale about a house cat that meets many warrior cats one night and is faced with a choice of a comfortable life or one of freedom in the wilderness. Each chapter is engaging and the class is excited for each chapter reading.

This book has been a very enjaoyable read for our class. I am looking forward to what other books the students what to read after this one is finished. Reading is very important for a child’s mental developement. It is important to encourage reading in a positive way rather than a negative way, a hobby rather than a chore, and that is what the purpose of this subject is to do.