New Years in the USA

In the United States, New Year is celebrated very differently from the United States. New Year in Japan is celebrated in a similar way to how Christmas is celebrated in the US because New years in Japan focuses on family and tradition. In America, New Year is simply the end of the year. It is more of a celebration and the start of a new year.

The New Year’s celebrations in the United States often feature fireworks and a lot of drinking. This is meant to be a party at the end of the year to celebrate its conclusion and a new one starting. It’s one of the two times out of the year that people in the US celebrate with fireworks, the other being the 4th of July.

New Year’s celebrations also usually happen only on New Year’s eve, with very little celebration happening on New year’s day. Though New Year’s day is still a national holiday so many places are closed. The holiday season in the US gives greater focus to Christmas over New Year.