Atlas Grade 7 Science

The Atlas program heavily focuses on student involvement and engagement with the material. So as the curriculum is developed this is kept in mind. Much of the program has various experiments and activities designed to keep the lesson fun and the student focused on learning. A couple of examples of experiments done in the curriculum are “Homemade Electromagnets” and “Elephants Toothpaste.”

The “Homemade Electromagnet” is a simple experiment to do. It is just created with a battery, copper wire, and a nail. The experiment is a fun way to demonstrate magnets and electrical currents.

The other experiment mentioned is “Elephant’s Toothpaste” this fun experiment is a good way to demonstrate chemistry in a fun and exciting way.

Both experiments are completely safe and all experiments performed will be under the supervision of the teacher. The focus of all experiments as well is learning and keeping the students engaged with the materials covered.