Today in Atlas we went to the gym to play some badminton!

In this version of badminton, we used the scoring system of tennis. We did this because in a normal badminton game, the team would have to reach 21 points with a difference of two points to win a game while in a tennis match, they only need to earn 5 points with a difference of two to win the game (15, 30, 40, Game). This allowed for everyone to play multiple games against different teams!

We also split the nine students into three teams, so instead of a maximum of two players per court, there was three players per court. We also didn’t have a net, so Ben and I would stand in the middle of the court to see which side the shuttlecock landed on and if would be considered a “net.”

That being said, Ben and I joined the fun too and were the final bosses for the students to face! We all had a lot of fun and got plenty of exercise!