Global Future 講演会-2-

Khin Khinさんが語る「難民」についての講演会、生徒・保護者の皆様、ご来場ありがとうございました。


the Titan, Skyway, and Horizon students attended Global Future seminar. We were very fortunate to hear from the incredible Khin Khin, and learn about her and her family’s struggles as refugees as they made their way from Malaysia and finally settling in Australia. Despite this difficult journey, Khin Khin has overcome huge hurdles and now gives back to those in need in Australia. She uses her 4 languages and positive attitude to help young women, single mothers, and other members of her community to achieve citizenship, find jobs, build self confidence, and much more!

She is a true inspiration.

After a brief Q&A session, our music students performed Under the Sea as a special thanks to Khin Khin.

Thank you for sharing your amazing story with everyone!