Celebrating Our Students’ Efforts with a Sweet Outing 6 /19

To recognize our students’ outstanding efforts in speaking English, diligently doing their homework, and overall good behavior over the past two months, we organized a special outing as part of the Sunshine Badge campaign. This campaign aims to encourage and reward positive behavior and hard work among our students.

On a sunny afternoon, we took a delightful stroll to the park by the Meguro River. The beautiful weather set the perfect backdrop for our celebration. As a special treat, each student had the choice of enjoying a sweet drink from Starbucks or a cone of ice cream from Baskin Robbins. It was heartwarming to see their faces light up with joy as they savored their favorite treats.

After enjoying their refreshments, the students spent some time playing in the park. They enthusiastically participated in a few rounds of the classic game “Red Light, Green Light,” filling the air with laughter and excitement. The park’s serene environment and the playful activities made for a memorable and enjoyable afternoon.

This outing was a wonderful way to acknowledge and reward our students’ hard work and positive behavior. It also provided an opportunity for them to bond and have fun outside the classroom. We are incredibly proud of their efforts and look forward to continuing to support and celebrate their achievements.

Stay tuned for more updates on our activities and initiatives to encourage and reward our amazing students!