ATLAS 講師紹介 2

ATLAS International Schoolの講師をご紹介いたします。

アメリカ出身のZach先生です。とてもフレンドリーで生徒との距離が近い講師です。理系の教科が得意な講師です。午後の選択科目ではScience and Experimentsを担当します。秋葉原でパソコンの部品を購入し、自分たちのオリジナルのパソコンを組み立てるプロジェクトも予定しています。

Hello! My name is Zach. Since a young age, I have been interested in learning.
I started learning about puzzles and arts, then moving to math and science throughout my life until I made it to college. At first, I thought I loved knowing things and wanted to study computer science. I ended up taking a foreign language as secondary class and met exchange students and realized, I don’t just like knowledge, I enjoy the process of learning and helping others learn.

From then on, I changed my focus to wanting to be a teacher hoping that I could teach others and help them learn things like I have, and to see that moment of realization in their eye because they understand something. After I started by working in. A highschool as an Algebra 1 teacher before moving to Japan and teaching various ages. In my time of teaching, I have not only taught and made multiple curriculums, I have done so for various age ranges. I look forward to helping you learn about different aspects of the world and I hope we can enjoy the process together.