What we’ve been doing so far

Atlas was able to finally start at the beginning of November. Within this month, the student and the teachers have slowly gotten to know each other as we progressed through our lessons.

We have had various lessons spread throughout each week from reading, writing and language arts to math, science and history. Each lesson has been taught by teachers who were handpicked for the subject in order for the student to best learn the materials, with a curriculum handmade to help students learn lessons.

We have learned how to analyze texts to gain better understanding of an author’s purpose and have been learning to effectively write passages that can contain ours. We have learned how to calculate factors and multiples within math as well as learn about the physics of our universe, starting at how to make, use and research data.

This month we have also worked in our major study, which has been art. We have been able to better understand intentions within pieces so that we can express ourselves as well as learning how to use shadowsand lighting through different perspectives and much more. We have been able to draw our own self portrait with some creative expression as well.

Our time in ATLAS has also been a bonding experience for the student to feel comfortable, such as allowing the student to help decorate our school Christmas tree, or take field trips outside to learn of the area. The journey within ATLAS has been and will be successful and we look forward to sharing more of it from now.