Horizon Project Work-Fieldwork

In the project work class, Horizon class students have been going to places to gather information. A few weeks ago, they went to Haneda Airport to interview visitors from overseas.

Horizon Project Work-Field Trip – ATLAS International School (npo-iproject.com)

They tallied up the answers they obtained and made graphs.

Horizon Project Work – Data Analysis – ATLAS International School (npo-iproject.com)

Today, the students went to Meguro to conduct fieldwork.

They used the restaurant list we made last week and went to each store location.

Using a map, the students were keen to help with directions.

They gathered as much information as possible, such as average lunch and dinner prices, popular dishes, and trading hours.

They did a great job recording the information in detail!
On returning to school, they used the Internet to research further information on restaurants.
Our fieldwork was fun and very fruitful! Great job, everyone!✨